So this happened today…

So I never post anything on here, I’m a lurker, I love to read Eric/Sookie fanfic but I had to share this with people who wouldn’t think I was a crazy, stalker fangirl (ie: my husband!). 

HE answered my question!! And when I say he I mean the golden Swedish God, Alexander Skarsgard!! Click on the link below to watch the YouTube video, mine is the last question they ask. Squeeeee!!!

Alex answers fan questions at EIFF

8 thoughts on “So this happened today…

  1. ashmo2000

    I agree with your question! He always has one-linesrs that are funny, but doing a comedic role would be awesome!
    How do you ask questions? I have a question I’d like to ask because it’s just a ridiculous question I ask tall people;P

    1. askarsgirl Post author

      I was on Twitter and saw that the Edinburgh Film Fest was going to interview him and said to tweet them a question for him and they would select a few to ask him. I really lucked out! I never thought they would select my boring little question!

  2. fairytaleamber

    Too bad he doesn’t send you a thank you for the question. 😉 My hubby thinks I’m a stalker too! Lol! Which is fine by me, there are worse ways to spend your life.


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